Sailing Ships, historic vessels

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19th century sailing ship France full hull and full sail

19th century sailing ship France full hull and full sail

An interesting model by an unknown maker of a full hul French sailing ship mounted on a wooden plinth, looks around 1/1250 scale and is approx. 50mm...

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Tiger 1546 British Galleon

Tiger 1546 British Galleon

A model in white metal, with masts, produced in the UK by Oceanic in the 1980s and long out of production. Nicely detailed and unusual model. One...

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Monthly Specials For September

Asroc 8 pod missile mounting USN and Nato x 2
Price: £0.75  £0.50
Save: 33% off

RN/USN 36' LCVP Landing craft WW2 x 4
Price: £1.50  £1.25
Save: 17% off

HMS Iron Duke RN Battleship post conversion to training 1930s ^
Price: £44.95  £29.95
Save: 33% off

R class RN Battleship 1930s very rare model
Price: £99.95  £79.95
Save: 20% off

HMS Viscount RN V&W destroyer as built WW1 and 2
Price: £7.95  £6.95
Save: 13% off

HMS Ark Royal R 07 aircraft carrier RN 1991
Price: £32.95  £26.95
Save: 18% off

USS Colorado Battleship 1930s boxed with swastika trademark ()
Price: £69.95  £49.95
Save: 29% off

Gem class RN trawler 1930s dp ^
Price: £7.95  £5.95
Save: 25% off

Boeing B-36 US bomber aircraft largest bomber built 1950s
Price: £4.95  £3.95
Save: 20% off