Admiralty Recognition Models

A range of models commissioned in small numbers by the UK military for training /recognition purposes. Hand made in wood to a very high standard by a small group of professional model makers in the 1930s-50s period, makers included Bassett-Lowke, Comm.Norman, Philip Watson, Rowley workshops etc.

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1/600 Ore Carrier (Liberty )WW2 UK recognition model

1/600 Ore Carrier (Liberty )WW2 UK recognition model

A model produced in wood in WW2 for the UK military as a recognition model in 1/600 scale (50' =1") I think this was produced for the RAF as the...

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300 ton Tramp steamer UK WW2 period

300 ton Tramp steamer UK WW2 period

A model in 1:600 scale in wood hand made in the WW2 period in the UK for the armed forces for recognition purposes.In very good original finish, just...

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tug with 2 x coal barges 1930s +

tug with 2 x coal barges 1930s +

An interesting set of 3 models, handmade in wood, in 1/1200 scale although the barges look quite large. look like they were made in the 1930s by an...

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New Products For June - Admiralty Recognition Models

Monthly Specials For June

HMS Bold Pathfinder RN Fast patrol boat 1953
Price: £2.75  £1.75
Save: 36% off

Handley Page Victor 1950s RAF Jet bomber aircraft
Price: £2.75  £1.95
Save: 29% off

Insect class RN river gunboat 1930s very scarce item vg ^
Price: £47.95  £37.95
Save: 21% off

80' RN landing craft tank WW2 unp
Price: £0.95  £0.50
Save: 47% off

MYA4 Bison USSR Bomber aircraft 1950s-80s
Price: £3.95  £3.25
Save: 18% off

SAN-1 Goa twin Russian USSR missile launcherx 2
Price: £1.25  £0.99
Save: 21% off

USS Lexington US Aircraft Carrier 1930s extremely rare ! +
Price: £169.95  £89.95
Save: 47% off

August 1943 Rhine tanker Germany
Price: £7.95  £6.95
Save: 13% off