1/72nd Skybirds military equip.

Skybirds were produced in metal in the 1930s-1941, contemporary with Dinky and nicely finished and detailed. Quite scarce nowadays. They also produced figures, aircraft and also ships in 1:1200 scae (under the Shipseries brand) They are credited with introducing the scale of 1/72 for aircraft models.

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Monthly Specials For December

HMS Scorpion RN China river gunboat 1938 k
Price: £5.95  £3.95
Save: 34% off

MYA4 Bison USSR Bomber aircraft 1950s-80s
Price: £3.95  £3.25
Save: 18% off

Matsu Class Japan destroyer WW2 undercoated
Price: £6.75  £4.95
Save: 27% off

Train set! Locomotives, carriages, wagons etc. 22 items S/D
Price: £11.95  £9.95
Save: 17% off

RMS Majestic 1922 9Ex SS Bismarck) Cunard ocean liner +
Price: £129.95  £99.95
Save: 23% off

USS Lexington US Aircraft Carrier 1930s extremely rare ! +
Price: £169.95  £149.95
Save: 12% off

SS Grosser Kurfurst 1900 ocean liner mint boxed
Price: £39.95  £31.95
Save: 20% off

SS Potsdam NDL ocean liner 1935
Price: £36.95  £29.95
Save: 19% off