1/72nd Skybirds military equip.

A range in metal produced in London UK from the 1930s-1941. They were contemporary with Dinky and nicely finished and detailed. They produced model soldiers, military vehicles and equipment and aircraft in this scale. Also a series of 1:1200 scale ships under the Shipseries brand name.

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Monthly Specials For October

MTB 523 RN WW2 Vosper Motor torpedo boat
Price: £1.75  £1.35
Save: 23% off

RMS Mauretania Cunard 1907 ocean liner +
Price: £149.95  £110.00
Save: 27% off

TU-16 Badger Russian Soviet cold war jet bomber
Price: £2.25  £1.95
Save: 13% off

US Navy Blimp patrol airship WW2
Price: £4.95  £3.95
Save: 20% off

Train set! Locomotives, carriages, wagons etc. 21 items Steam
Price: £11.95  £9.95
Save: 17% off

Tu22M Backfire-b Russian bomber 1970s
Price: £2.95  £2.50
Save: 15% off

HMS Captain RN 1870 masted turret ship
Price: £56.95  £39.95
Save: 30% off

Richelieu France Battleship 1940 boxed
Price: £66.95  £59.95
Save: 10% off